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„Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” Legal Studies Institute


1. Functioning of the Center for European Legal Studies (CELS)

THE CENTER FOR EUROPEAN LEGAL STUDIES (hereinafter CELS) is a scientific research unit, without legal personality, within the Legal Studies Institute, established in 2008 by decision of the Romanian Academy.
CELS has begun to operate in 2009, when its leadership was elected and the team that forms the Center was established.

2. Membership

CELS was established with the following membership, employing researchers from the other two departments of the Institute:
Associate professor Ph.D. Mihai Şandru, Head of Department, Senior Researcher (SR) II.
Roxana Munteanu, SR II
Simona Maya Teodorescu, Ph.D. SR III
Ionuţ Ifrim, Ph.D. Candidate, SR III
Due to legislative changes, Ms. Roxana Munteanu was retired, and Simona Maya Teodoroiu suspended herself until the end of 2010.
We continue to work with experts outside the CELS:
Nicolae Turcu, President, Private law section, Legislative Council of Romania
Mihai Banu, private researcher and deputy senior editor, Romanian Journal of Community Law (Revista română de drept comunitar – RRDC, Wolters Kluwer).

3. Activities:

The activities of the Center for European Legal Studies has not received any public founds and were not sustained (sponsored) by any public institutions or companies with state capital.

3.1. Round tables, conferences and debates:

25 September 2008 – Round table „The Legal base of EC/EU acts. Relevance and consequences”

12 November 2008 – Round table „The Jipa Case. Union citizenship and the freedom of movement and establishment in a Romanian framework.”

21 January 2009 – Colloquium „The Preliminary reference within national courts against whose decisions there is no judicial remedy – Article 234(3) EC. Decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice of 8 November 2007 in the Petrom Case”.

26 February 2009 – Colloquium „The Legal consequences of the future declaration of acceptance of the competence of the ECJ regarding the 3rd EU pillar – police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters (Article 35 EU)”

20 March 2009 – Colloquium „The car tax from the perspective of European law”.

20 May 2009 – Colloquium „Interpretation and application of European Regulations. Conditions and elements. Case study: Regulation (EC) No. 1408/71”.

18 June 2009 – Colloquium – „The Preliminary reference and the protection of human rights. Recent case studies: requests for interpretation of provisions of the European Convention of Human Rights and of Charter of Fundamental Rights.

7 July 2009 – Colloquium – «The Freedom of establishment. Transfer of a company seat to a State other than the Member State of incorporation: Cartesio Case C-210/06»

29.09.2009 – Conference « The free movement of workers and services. Legal framework on mutual recognition of diplomas.»

30.10.2009 – Conference «The law applicable to contractual obligations, Regulation (EC) No. 593/2008 of 17 June 2008 (Regulation ROME I)»

18.11.2009 – Conference, «Division and balance of power within the European Union. The extent and semnification of the general principles of European law: ECJ Judgment in Case C-101/08, Audiolux»

3.2. „European Consultations” Series

”Adoption of ISA at European level” (CSDE-SCE-01)”, held in July – September 2009.
Coordinator: reader in law Andrei Săvescu Ph.D., director of ”Revista de Note şi Studii Juridice”
Research: Maria Bădoi
The result of the projects was published in RRDC No. 4/2009.

”The modification of the legal norms on competition applicable in the distribution sector”. (CSDE-SCE-2), held in July – August 2009.
The project was coordinated by reader in law Diana Elena Ungureanu, Ph.D.
The result of the project was published in RRDC, no. 4/2009.

3.3. CELS – partners in other scientific activities

“Jurindex” Conference, 21.05.2009 (Jurindex is a free service that aims to offer free acces to court judgments. Jurindex is under the aegis of the Superior Council of Magistracy)
Conferences of the Judges Forum Review (”Revista Forumul Judecătorilor”).

3.4. Publications

Volume Anuarul Centrului de Studii de Drept European, Editura Universitară, forthcoming .
Publication of some ”files” in the Romanian Journal of Community Law (Revista română de drept comunitar – RRDC): Jipa Case (No. 6/2008), file ”European Consulations” (No. 4/2009).

3.5. Book launches

– Costel Gîlcă, Codul european al muncii şi securităţii sociale. Adnotat, Editura Wolters Kluwer, Bucureşti, 2009 – 18.06.2009 [The European Labour and Social Security Code. Annotated]
– Florin Răzvan Radu, Cooperare judiciară internaţională şi europeană în materie penală, Wolters Kluwer, 2009 – 29.09.2009 [International and European Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters]
– Claudiu Dinu, Normele de procedură civilă, Editura Universul Juridic, Bucharest, 2009 – 30.10.2009 [Rules of Civil Procedure]
– Cristian Gheorghe, Drept comercial european, C.H.Beck, Bucharest, 2009 – 18.11.2009 [European Commercial Law].

3.6. Partnerships

– a partnership concluded with the Legal Studies Society and with the European Institute of Romania (Institutul European din România), in order to set up and operate two webpages : and – project
– a partnership concluded with an association of magistrates – The Judges’ Forum in Romania (Forumul Judecătorilor din România) (

3.7. Institutional partners

Media partner:,,
Publishing partners: Editura Wolters Kluwer, Editura Universitară, Editura Universul Juridic, Editura C.H. Beck, Editura Hamangiu
The main partners for the publication of materials were Revista Română de Drept Comunitar (RRDC) and Revista de Note şi Studii Juridice (

3.8. Reflection of events

The activities of the CELS were reflected by webpages (,,, and press agencies (Agerpress –
An active role in presenting the CELS events had

3.9. On-line discussion groups

The CELS on-line group has more then 100 members, mainly professors, members of the European civil service and so on:

CELS manages a blog on European business law, as a resource for on-line scientific references:

3.10. Supporting the events

The events of the CELS were sponsored by PeliFilip, George Coca lawyer, Dan Cimpoeru lawyer, Dan Costea lawyer, Universul Juridic and C.H.Beck.
The maps of the CELS conferences were printed by Editura Universitară – director Vasile Muscalu.
The activities of the CELS were reflected in the ”Revista Română de Drept Comunitar”, law review that published the works of the participants.
The activities of the Center are reflected on its webpage

Associate professor, Ph.D.
Daniel-Mihail Şandru

Address: 13, Calea 13 Septembrie, 5th District, 050711, Bucharest, Romania; Phone (004)021- 318.81.30; Fax: (004)021- 318.24.53;,

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