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The Legal Research InstituteAcad. Andrei Rădulescuof the Romanian Academy


1. Center for European Legal Studies – Structure and goals

Center for European Legal Studies [Centrul de Studii de Drept European] (‘CELS’) is a research unit without legal personality, within the Institute for Legal Research [Institutul de Cercetări Juridice – ‘ICJ’] of the Romanian Academy, established by decision of the Presidium of the Romanian Academy in 2008.

The goal pursued by CELS is the development of basic and applied research and dissemination of ideas through debates in the field of European law.

The CELS openness is reflected in the themes discussed at meetings, roundtables, conferences, workshops for which it has a status of organizer, and also in the interdisciplinary nature of the promoted projects. Debates bring together professionals – academics, judges, lawyers, bailiffs, trainers and justice auditors, officials of national and of European institutions. Guests of the Conferences held by CELS are from Romania and from abroad; the research developed by youth and dissemination of their work were fostered.

2. Membership

CELS operated in 2010 with the following members: Mr Mihai Şandru Ph.D – Associate Professor, Department Coordinator, CS* II; Mr Ionuţ Ifrim Ph.D. – CS III and Ms Simona Maya Teodoroiu – CS III, Lecturer (on leave until the end of 2010).

During the year, Romanian and foreign officials were involved in activities held by CELS, which will be described below. The Scientific Council of the Institute for Legal Research has granted the status of Associate Research Fellow for 2010-2012 to the following colleagues (in alphabetical order): Mr Constantin Mihai Banu – deputy editor in chief of the Romanian Journal of European Law** (‘RRDE’), Ms Raluca Bercea Ph.D – Lecturer, Mr Dragoş Alin Călin- Judge, Mr  Radu Chiriţă Ph.D – Lecturer, Ms Simona Mihaela Constantin LL.M., Olimpiu Crauciuc Ph.D – Professor (honorary researcher), Ms Ana Maria Groza Ph.D – Lecturer, Ms Roxana Munteanu – CS II (honorary researcher), Ms Evelina Oprina, Ph.D – Lecturer, Mr Andrei Popescu Ph.D – Professor and Judge at the General Court of the European Union (honorary researcher), Ms Ioana Eleonora Rusu Ph.D – Lecturer, Mr Andrei Săvescu Ph.D – Lecturer, Ms Elena Simina Tănăsescu Ph.D – Professor, Ms Camelia Toader Ph.D – Professor and Judge at the European Court of Justice (honorary researcher), Ms Ina Tomescu Ph.D – Lecturer, Ms Bianca Elena Ţăndărescu.

3. Activities that took place:

3.1. Series of round tables, conferences and debates

  • · International Conference – “Relations between national constitutional courts and European Union law: two recent examples (Bundesverfassungsgericht decision on the Lisbon Treaty and the Romanian Constitutional Court decision on data retention law)”, event held on February 4, 2010. Moderator: Ms Professor Elena Simina Tănăsescu. The following persons delivered presentations: Mr Axel Bormann – The German Constitutional Court on the Lisbon Treaty: New demarcation of competencies or rearguard battle, Mr Dragoş Călin, Application and interpretation of Community law by the Constitutional Court, Mr Marius Andreescu, Supremacy of the Constitution and the principle of priority of European Union law. Debate: Constitutional Court Decision no. 1258/2009. Participants: Ms Alice Arşinel – Department of European Affairs, Mr Gabriel Blaj – Ministry of Justice, Mr Mihai Banu, Ms Judge Roxana Lăcătuşu.
  • · February 12, 2010, conference “The achievements of the Tribunal of the European Union in the first two decades of operation and prospects of this Court” delivered by Mr Professor Valerius M. Ciucă, Judge at the General Court of the European Union.
  • · International Conference „Made in the EU: how the USA is having to listen and adapt to the European Privacy and Data Protection values” delivered by Mr Professor Joseph A. Cannataci Ph.D, LexConverge Network Co-ordinator, Director, Centre for Law, Information & Converging Technologies (University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK) – March 5, 2010. The conference was followed by a debate on the CELS project „The future international agreement concluded between the EU and the U.S., in respect to the protection of personal data and providing information for public order„, of the “European series of consultations”. The research was conducted by Ms Camelia Bogdan, Mr Bogdan Manolea and Ms Mihaela Ciocea.
  • · Conference held on March 25, 2010 – “Sustainability criteria in public procurement – Are the harmonisation rules at the European level necessary?” Lecturer: Ms Ramona Apostol. Other papers on issues related to green procurement were delivered by Ms Miruna Bohaltea (expert, National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement) and Ms Iulia Degeratu (Public Manager, EU Funded Programmes Unit, Ministry of Environment and Forests).
  • · March 30, 2010, conference on – „Relationship between the European Court of Justice and national courts from the point of view of the judicial deference theory”, delivered by Ms Ioana Răducu Ph.D. The conference was attended by Ms Professor Camelia Toader, Judge at the European Court of Justice.
  • · April 12, 2010, conference entitled – „The principle of subsidiarity in the framework of the Lisbon Treaty” moderated by Ms Simona Constantin LL.M. A paper authored by Ms Raluca Bercea Ph.D, who was not able to attend personally – “Criticism of the principle of subsidiarity (before the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty)” was also presented.
    • · May 5, 2010, conference co-organised by CELS, Judges’ Forum in Romania, European Institute of Romania and the Legal Studies Society (SSJ) entitled “Romania at the European Court of Human Rights (2005-2008)”. The Conference was attended by Mr Ionel Haiduc, President of the Romanian Academy, Mr Răzvan-Horaţiu Radu – Agent of the Government of Romania to the European Court of Human Rights, Ms Professor Gabriela Drăgan, Director- European Institute of Romania, Ms Mariana Niţelea, Director – Council of Europe Information Office, Mr Mihai Şandru – CELS – “On the agenda of the ECHR”. Addresses on the released volume – “România la Curtea Europeană a Drepturilor Omului (2005-2008)” [“Romania at the European Court of Human Rights (2005-2008)”] were delivered by the following persons: Mr Professor Marin Voicu, former Judge at the ECHR, Mr Professor Ovidiu Predescu; Mr Dragos Călin, Judge at the Bucharest Court of Appeal – “ECHR Case-law. The Romanian authorities fault regarding the lack of adequate procedural mechanisms to ensure uniform legal practice”, Mr Ionuţ Militaru, Judge at the Bucharest 6th District Court of Bucharest, “Applying the Article 46 of the Convention in cases against Romania. General measures taken by the ECHR as a result of systemic deficiencies found”; Ms Roxana Lăcătuşu, Judge at the 6th District Court of Bucharest, “Violation of article 8 of the ECHR by failure of the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Abduction of minors in case Iosub Caraş v Romania”.
    • · May 25, 2010, conference entitled „Recent Developments in the European Court of Human Rights regarding the right to a fair trial” held by Ms Cristina Gonţa. Also, Mr Attila Kis delivered a presentation – „The proposed legislative measures regarding the speed-up process of decision making in lawsuits, related to the right to a fair trial”.
    • · On May 26, 2010, CELS co-organized together with the European Institute of Romania a book release for the third volume of the collection of summaries „Historical Case-law of Community Courts„, followed by a debate having as main topic „The importance of legal terminology. A Romanian equivalent for the term «question préjudicielle»„. The debate was attended by Ms Professor Elena Simina Tănăsescu, Law School, University of Bucharest (as moderator), Lecturer Emanuel Corneliu Mogîrzan Ph.D – Law School, Al. I. Cuza University and Daniel-Mihai Şandru.
    • · On July 7, 2010, conference entitled “The National Judge and the Executive Power face to face with the EU law”. Attendants: Mr Ionel Haiduc – President of the Romanian Academy, Mr Professor Nicolae Popa – former President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Mr Professor Ion Muraru – Romanian Ombudsman and former President of the Constitutional Court, Mr Professor Marin Voicu – former Judge at the European Court of Human Rights, Mr Dragoş Călin – Judge of the Bucharest Court of Appeal, President of the Association “Judge’s Forum in Romania”. The works were moderate by Mr Mihai Şandru.

The conference was held in order to mark the recent release of two books authored by Mr Professor Marin Voicu – “Jurisdictii şi proceduri judiciare în Uniunea Europeană” [„Jurisdictions and judicial proceedings in the European Union„] and „Starea justitiei in Statele Europei“ [„The state of justice in the European states„], both published by Universul Juridic Publishing House.

  • · October 19, 2010, conference – „European Union Court of Justice – history, politics, law” delivered by Mr Professor Iordan Bărbulescu. Mr Professor Mircea Duţu Ph.D also attended.
  • · October 13, 2010, a workshop in the IADUER* debate series: „Staying  of proceedings by a national court in case a preliminary reference is submitted to the ECJ by a court of another Member State”. Attendants: Ms Diana Bulancea – Judge, Mr Gheorghe Buta Ph.D, CS I (Institute for Legal Research), Mr Professor Marin Voicu, Mr Dragoş Călin – Judge, and Mihai Şandru.
  • · October 21, 2010, conference entitled „The decisions rendered by the European Court of Human Rights against Romania. Analysis, consequences, potentially responsible authorities. Application of pilot judgments in case of systemic failures”. The conference was attended by Mr Cristian Hera – member of the Romanian Academy, Vice President of the Romanian Academy.

The following presentations were delivered: “Potentially responsible authorities for convictions suffered by RomaniaAn overview” – Mr Dragoş Călin – Judge, Bucharest Court of Appeal, Judges’ Forum in Romania; Mr Ionuţ Militaru – Judge, 6th District Court of Bucharest – “The right to address the court and the relevant case-law of the ECHR in the cases against Romania”; Ms Bianca Ţăndărescu – Judge, Bucharest Court of Appeal – “Application of pilot judgments procedure for systemic failures. Case of Atanasiu and Others v Romania. Positive obligations incumbent on states when implementing ECHR decisions”; Ms Beatrice Rămăşcanu – Judge, the Bucharest Tribunal.

  • · November 12, 2010, a workshop in the IADUER debate series entitled “First experiences of the implementation by the Romanian judge of the EU Competition law and state aid.
  • · National Conference on „The Lisbon Treaty – One year after” held on December 14, 2010. Presentations were delivered by: Lecturer Anamaria Groza – “The national judge, at the confluence of the principles of effectiveness of Community law and of procedural autonomy”; Mr Mihai Banu – “Highlights of the recent case-law of the European Court of Justice on the role played by the national courts. From Fallimento Olimpiclub to Elchinov”; Mr. Mihai Şandru – “Evaluation of the preliminary ruling procedures sent by the Romanian courts in 2010. Withdrawal of the preliminary questions”; Nicolae Fabian Ph.D – “The Lisbon Treaty and the constitutional identity question of the Member States of the European Union”.

3.2. Series European Consultations

  • · Discussion on „Antitrust: Greater transparency and predictability of procedures„, February 25, 2010. Participants in drafting the project: Ms Mihaela Ion – senior associate attorney, Popovici Nitu & Associates, and Cristina Gonta, Ph.D at the University of Bern.

The project was published by the European Commission (

  • · November 25, 2010, a debate in the series „European Consultations” on “Draft of the European regulation on international inheritance and its implications in Romanian law”. The debate started with  a presentation by Mr Mircea Dan Bob, Lecturer at the Law School, Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. The conference continued with the presentation of Mr Associate Professor Dan Andrei Popescu Ph.D – „Draft of European regulation on international inheritance matters and its implications in Romanian law.” (CNCSIS grant contribution to IDEI 2442, Competition 2008 „Specificity and complementarity in European private law”).
  • · „The future international agreement concluded between the EU and the U.S. in the protection of personal data area and providing information for public order purposes” (CSDE-SCE-5). The debate took place on March 5, 2010.
  • · The project named “The EU Commissions’ Green Paper on policy options in the perspective of European contract law for consumers and enterprises” (CSDE-SCE-11) is completed (completion in January 2011).
  • · The project entitled „Expanding the use of electronic procurement in the EU” (CSDE-SCE-19) is underway (completion in January 2011).

3.3. CELS – partners in other scientific activities

  • · Conference entitled “Workload in courts. Necessity, regulatory framework, consequences”. The conference was organized by the Association Judges’ Forum in Romania. CELS was a partner of the conference that took place at the National Institute of Magistrates, on January 29, 2010. Addresses were delivered by the following persons: Judge Ana-Maria Lucia Zaharia, Judge Paula Coţovan, Mihai Sandru (“Workloads and reasonable time to hear cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union”) and Judge Roxana Maria Lăcătuşu. The conference was moderated by Judge Dragoş Călin, Director of the Judges’ Forum Magazine.
  • · CELS was the co-organizer of the conference dedicated to the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, along with the Department for European Affairs (DEA) of the Government of Romania, Romanian Society of Community Law (RSCL), Union of Lawyers of Romania – February 26, 2010. Mihai Şandru took part on behalf of CELS, who delivered a presentation entitled Outskirts” and center” in the Lisbon Treaty: On the preamble, protocols, declarations and other intentions.
  • · CELS was co-organizer of the conference „Identifying the authorities responsible for convictions suffered by Moldavia and Romania to the ECHR. Magistrates liability” (October 22-23, 2010) along with the Institute for Human Rights in Moldova (IHRM), NGO “Lawyers for Human Rights”, Judges’ Forum in Romania, and the Universitară Publishing House. On behalf of CELS, Mr Dragos Calin, attended the event.
  • · CELS was a partner of the international conference “Mediation within EU. Stage and Prospects”. Bucharest, October 29, 2010. The conference was organized by the Association of European Magistrates, which supports mediation – the Romanian section, the Magistrates’ Superior Council, the Magistrates’ National Institute, the Ministry of Justice, the Mediation Board and the Romanian Academy. On behalf of CELS, Mr Dragoş Călin, attended the event.

3.4. Publications

Yearbook of European Legal Studies Center. 2009-2010, Universitară Publishing House, 2011 (forthcoming).

3.5. Presentations and discussions of recent foreign legal literature

  • · Michael Dougan and Samantha Currie (eds), 50 Years of the European Treaties. Looking Back and Thinking Forward (Hart Publishing, Oxford and Portland, Oregon, 2009), on April 12, 2010. The volume was presented by Mihai Banu.
  • · Robert Schütze, From Dual to Cooperative Federalism. The Changing Structure of European Law, European Law Studies in Oxford, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009.

Attendants: Mihai Banu and Mr Professor Ion M. Anghel Ph.D, who debated on the main topics of the book; Mr Tudor Avrigeanu, CS II, ICJ, (European Union – from post-modern empire and commonwealth restorative). The event took place on June 30, 2010.

  • · The European Court‘s Political Power. Selected Essays, Oxford University Press, 2009, authored by Ms Professor Karen Alter. The event took place on October 19, 2010.
  • · Adam Łazowski (ed), The Application of EU Law in the New Member States. Brave New World, T.M.C. Asser Press, 2010. The event took place on October 13, 2010.
  • · Ariel Ezrachi, EU Competition Law. An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases- Second Edition, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2010. The event was held on November 12, 2010.
  • · Andrew Dickinson, The Rome II Regulation: The Law Applicable to NonContractual Obligations, Oxford University Press, 2010. The event was held on November 25, 2010.
  • · On December 2010 –  Patrick Birkinshaw and Mike Varney (eds), The European Union Legal Order after Lisbon, Kluwer Law International, 2010.

3.6. Book releases

  • · February 4, 2010: Book release George Coca, “Interesul general şi drepturile fundamentale ale omului[The public interest and the fundamental human rights”], Universul Juridic Publishing House 2009. The book was presented by Mr Mihai Sandru, Ms Professor Nicoleta Diaconu and Judge Dragos Calin.
  • · Releasing the „Compendium of ECHR case law- recent cases against Romania, Volume I” at the European Institute of Romania premises (IER), along with the Society of Legal Sciences (SSJ) and the Romanian Society Community Law (SRDC) – March 12, 2010.
    · Titus Prescure and Radu Crişan, “Arbitrajul comercial – Modalitate alternativa de solutionare a litigiilor patrimoniale” [„Commercial Arbitration- Alternative Way for solving disputes in pecuniary litigations”], Universul Juridic Publishing House, 2010 (May 20, 2010, the Romanian Academy). The event was attended by seven members of the list of arbitrators of the International Court of Arbitration, among which Mr Radu Bobei, who also presented the volume.
  • · Kis Attila, “Romania la Curtea Europeana a drepturilor omului (2005-2008)” [“Romania at the European Court of Human Rights (2005-2008)”], Wolters Kluwer Romania, (May 5, 2010, the Romanian Academy).
  • · Judges’ Forum in Romania and CELS held on June 9, 2010 the release of the book “Despre justitie si judecatori. Interviuri” [„About Justice and judges. Interviews„], Universitară Publishing House.
  • · The release of the two works in Romanian translation: “Contractele speciale” [„Special Contracts”] and “Obligaţiile” [“Obligations”], Wolters Kluwer România, authored by Philippe Malaurie, Laurent Aynes, Philippe Stoffel-Munck and Pierre Yves Gautier. The authors attended the event, along with widely known members of the Romanian legal community. This event took place on June 11, 2010.
  • · Mr Professor Marin Voicu, “Jurisdictii şi proceduri judiciare în Uniunea Europeană” [„Jurisdictions and judicial proceedings in the European Union„] and „Starea justitiei in Statele Europei“ [„The state of justice in the European states„], both works published by “Universul Juridic” Publishing House. The event took place on July 7, 2010.
  • · Volume „Dreptului contenciosului european” [„European Litigation Law„], authored by Mr Professor Mircea Duţu and Mr Andrei Duţu, published in 2010 by Universul Juridic Publishing House. The event took place on October 19, 2010.
  • · CELS and C.H. Beck Romania organized the release of the work „Convenţia europeană a drepturilor omului. Comentariu pe articole” [ “European Convention of Human Rights- Comments on articles”, Second edition, authored by Mr Professor Corneliu Bîrsan, Judge at the European Court of Human Rights (October 27, 2010). The event took place at the Romanian Academy premises, Academy Hall, on Avenue Victoriei, No.125, 1st District, Bucharest. The release began with a speech by Mr Corneliu Bîrsan on a topic of high interest: „Is the Protocol No.14, given the procedural changes introduced, a solution for „the recovery” of the situation the Court?„. Other speeches were given by Mr Professor Valeriu Stoica, Mr Associate Professor Flavius-Antoniu Baias – Dean of the Law School, University of Bucharest, Mr Răzvan-Horaţiu Radu – Agent of the Government of Romania to the European Court of Human Rights, Mr Professor Corneliu-Liviu Popescu, and Mr Professor Valerian Cioclei.
  • · The volume „Hotărârile Curţii Europene a Drepturilor Omului în cauzele împotriva României din perioada 1994-2009. Analiză, consecinţe, autorităţi potenţial responsabile” [„The decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in cases against Romania during 1994-2009. Analysis, consequences, potentially responsible authorities]. This collective work has as authors: Mr Dragoş Călin – Judge at Bucharest Court of Appeal, Ms Bianca Ţăndărescu, Judge at Bucharest Court of Appeal, Ms Mihaela Vasiescu – Judge at Târgu Mureş Court of Appel, Ms Paula Andrada Coţovanu – Judge at Pitesti Court of Appeal, Ms Beatrice Ramaşcanu – Judge at Bucharest Tribunal, Mr Ionuţ Militaru – Judge at 6th District Court of Bucharest, Ms Serena Militaru – Judge at 2nd District Court of Bucharest, Ms Roxana Lăcătuşu – Judge at 4th District Court of Bucharest, Ms Lucia Zaharia – Judge at 5th District Court of Bucharest, Ms Lavinia Cîrciumaru – Judge at Constanta County Court and Ms Alexandra Lăncrănjan – Attorney at the Public Prosecutor’s Office Bucharest Court 2nd District (Universitară Publishing House, October 21, 2010).

3.7. Partnerships

CELS has concluded partnership agreements with the European Institute of Romania, the Society of Legal Sciences, Romanian Society of European Law (the protocol was signed on March 12, 2010) and with the Association Judges’ Forum in Romania (on March 30, 2010).

3.8. Media Partners

CELS activities were covered by specialized websites (,,, news agencies (Agerpress in particular, and by our editorial partners, the following Publishing Houses: C.H. Beck; Universitară; Universul Juridic.

An active role in covering the CELSs’ events was played by the legal website

Publishing partners: Universitară; Universul Juridic; C.H. Beck Romania; Hamagiu.

The main partners for publishing materials were the Romanian Journal of European Law (‘RRDE’) (Wolters Kluwer Romania), Journal of Notes and Legal Studies ( and Judicial Review Courier [Curierul Judiciar] (C.H. Beck).

3.9. Event supporters
3.9.1. The presentation files for the events and their contents were printed by Universitară Printing House – Director Vasile Muscalu.

CELS’ activities were covered by the Romanian Journal of European Law (‘RRDE’), where some of the papers delivered were published, along with summaries of the conferences.

Lex Expert (IT Company Neamt) also supported CELS events through their own presentation files.

3.9.2. Participation at book fairs. In 2010, CELS participated along with Universitară Publishing House, at the Economic Fest Fair (October 14-17), when the research results and the CELS’ research offer were presented (

4. Websites and discussion groups
4.1. The CELS main site is
Also, information is managed and disseminated via the following weblogs:

European Business Law –

European contract law –

Companies within European Union –

Interpretation and application of European law –

4.2. Groups/mailing list and newsletter

CELS Discussion Group –

Newsletter CELS-

CELS participates at two sections of the site, “EULAW” and “ECJ” respectively.

5. Achievements in 2010

The key issue of CELS research for 2010 was the preliminary ruling procedure. That was expressed in studies and articles that were published in the Romanian Journal of European Law (e.g. Mihai Sandru, RRDE Nos. 4 and 6/2010), translations performed by Mihai Banu (certain articles published in RRDE and also the translation of the book – Morten Broberg and Niels Fenger, Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice, Oxford University Press, 2010, translation that was published by Wolters Kluwer Romania in 2010 as Procedura trimiterii preliminare la Curtea Europeană de Justiţie). Early in 2011, a guide for the mentioned procedure is due to be released via C.H. Beck.

Within the CELS multi-annual research program, having as topic the Lisbon Treaty, a volume drafted by the CELS researchers is in preparation. (Also the mentioned topic was covered by certain events, including a national conference).

6. Ongoing and 2011 projects

6.1. Research Projects

  • Interpretation and application of European law by national courts (IADUER)
  • · Freedom of establishment of companies in the European Union
  • Texts and case-law on the principle of procedural autonomy of the EU member states

6.2. Project to draft a working paper by public call

  • · Lisbon Treaty, „From the democratic principles (TEU) to principles (TFEU)”.

6.3. Current programs of the Centre for European Legal Studies

  • · Interpretation and application of European law by the courts of Romania (IADUER), jointly with the Association of Judges’ Forum in Romania;
  • Culture of European law” – inviting personalities and presentation/realease of works edited by our partner Publishing Houses (national – C.H. Beck, Hamangiu, Universitară, Universul Juridic Wolters Kluwer Romania, and international – Bruylant, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, TMC Asser Press, Wolters Kluwer International).
  • · “European Consultations” – proactive program designed to strengthen the capacity of professionals from Romania in respect to the current matters – the European Union law.
  • · “Jurisprudentia”- jointly with the Association of Judges’ Forum in Romania, the program designed to analyse the case-law of the national and European courts related to the fields of EU law.
  • · CELS has a partnership with the Romanian Journal of European Law having as the specific goal to publish the results of the above-mentioned programs (research and studies).

7. Conclusions

CELS’ motto: „Culture of European law„, means both the attraction and dissemination of interpretations and current arguments significant for the Romanian space (completion of translation, inviting foreign personalities, etc.) along with promoting Romanian experiences and researches in the International legal environment, which is the tailor-made goal for the research field of CELS.

CELS will seek, through its programs, to enhance the information process of persons which are directly involved in the application and interpretation of EU law and of the law of the European Convention on Human Rights. The IADUER program, that has begun in 2010, with debates and conferences, which were mainly addressed to magistrates (primarily judges), but also to lawyers, will continue in order to cover all the categories of persons that are active in interpreting and applying the European law. Within this program we are also interested in the relevant national legislative changes. This way, it is CELS belief that its actions in a globalized world, defends and promotes the national interest.*

Associate Professor Daniel-Mihail Şandru Ph.D

Coordinator: Centre for European Legal Studies

Institute for Legal Research

The Romanian Academy

* Cercetător ştiinţific – researcher.

** Revista română de drept european.

* Acronym from ”Interpretarea şi aplicarea dreptului Uniunii Europene de către instanţele din România” – “The interpretation and application of European law by the courts in Romania”.

* The report was translated in English by Diana Duca and reviewed by Mihai Banu.

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