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The Center for European Legal Studies (CESL) –“The Legal Research Institute ”Acad. Andrei Rădulescu”. Short presentation

The Center for European Legal Studies (CESL) –“The Legal Research Institute ”Acad. Andrei Rădulescu”

Address: Calea 13 Septembrie, no. 13, sector 5, 050711, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +4021 318 81 30

Research staff: (2)

Coordinator prof. Daniel-Mihail Șandru

Publications: SSRN

Short History

The Center for European Legal Studies (CESL) is a scientific research unit, without legal personality, a department of the Legal Research Institute of the Romanian Academy, established by the decision of the Presidium of the Romanian Academy of 30 July 2008.

CELS’s ideas are the achievement of fundamental and applied research, as well as the dissemination of information through the development of debates in the field of European law.

The openness shown by CELS can be found in the topics addressed during the debates and conferences, partnerships with publishing houses from the country and abroad in order to promote young researchers and the analyzes of authors with scientific experience, as well as the interdisciplinary character of the promoted projects. Current programs of the Center for European Legal Studies: „Interpretation and application of European Union law by Romanian courts” (RomaniaEULaw); „Culture of European law”, „European consultations”, „JurisClasor ECDO”, „Research methodology in European Union law”, „Data protection and new technologies” „European business law” as well as a Romanian language translation project of some significant papers and books by European Union law.

Research areas, scientific research

The Center for European Legal Studies (CESL)

Current research programs of the Center for European Legal Studies:

„Interpretation and application of European Union law by Romanian courts” (RomaniaEULaw) – carried out together with the Romanian Judges’ Forum Association and the Romanian Association of European Law and Affairs (ARDAE);

„Culture of European law” – debates with personalities and young researchers; the presentation/launch of works by partner publishing houses (from the country – C.H.Beck, Hamangiu, Universitară, Universul Juridic, Wolters Kluwer, or from abroad – Bruylant, Cambridge University Press, Hart Publishing, Oxford University Press, T.M.C. Asser Press, Wolters Kluwer International) ;

„European consultations” – program aimed to strength the proactive capacity (anticipation) of Romanian specialists regardingcurrent problems of the European Union;

The project „JurisClasor CEDO” – is carried out on the basis of a partnership with the University Publishing House, the Association of European Magistrates for Human Rights (AMEDO) and the Association of the Forum of Judges from Romania, its aim is to publish the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights in the language Romanian and includes three distinct sections, namely an annual printed compilation with all the judgments sentencing Romania with an analysis of the consequences and potentially responsible authorities, an online magazine in which specialized articles are published, important judgments pronounced by the ECtHR against Romania, relevant judgments for domestic law, pronounced also against other states, inadmissibility decisions, human rights news, reviews, etc., as well as a database with an advanced search engine (

„Research methodology in European Union law”

„European business law” – intended for applied research in the areas of material law of the European Union.

CELS has a special partnership with the (Romanian Journal of European Law) and the „Pandectele române” (Wolters Kluwer Romania), which consists mainly in the publication of research results.

The group of people interested in CSDE activities is made up of teaching staff, officials of European and national institutions in the field of reference, as well as practitioners. CELS’s activities are reflected on the „European Legal Affairs” blog. The blog is a source of various references to scientific resources published both online and offline.

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